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Fees for tasks involving work are billed or deducted at an hourly rate:

Web Marketing: Search Engine optimization services including keyword research, competitive research, meta tag development and site clean up, directory & search engine submissions, keyword development, page analysis, sitemap configuration, web analytic configuration, blogging, link development and exchanges. $80 Rate/Hour
Web Design: Subset of the broader category of web development. Where the beauty and functionality seen by users is created – more of an art/design job. $80 Rate/Hour
Web Development: Building, creating, and maintaining websites. Aspects such as web design, publishing, programming, and database management. $80 Rate/Hour
Project Management: Prepare project requirements, scope of work and projects schedules. End user training and second level support. $80 Rate/Hour
Consultation/Meetings: Initial consultation/meeting is free. We also include limited e-mail/phone consultation/meetings (detailed in proposal) for general Internet orientation education, marketing strategy, Web design consultation, and helping Clients learn to use CMS and software. (Additional education, consultation or meetings is at our hourly rate.) $80 Rate/Hour
System Administration: Installation and configuration of web, database and email servers, firewalls, security, backup, system monitoring, DNS, email, web and server applications. $80 Rate/Hour
Senior Level Participation: Solution architecture, advanced performance, security and disaster recovery strategies. Advanced troubleshooting, system integration, senior project management. Site assessment, competitive analysis, market potential, search engine strategies. $80 Rate/Hour

ALL SALES FOR SERVICES ARE FINAL: We will not issue a refund for services purchased. Once you have posted your transaction you have agreed to pay for the services offered and accept the services as is. The sale of the service(s) applies to the setup fee(s) associated with all such accounts. Upon certain condition, we may offer a refund but there may be a processing and/or early cancellation fee applied to your account.

CURRENT REFUND POLICY: ALL sales of services are final. We do not offer refunds at this time but under certain circumstances we may offer pro-rated credit for services purchased. If the services you purchased are not meeting your needs, please contact us immediately and we will work with you to add the features you want or to correct any perceived issues with the services. If you are dissatisfied with the level of support you are receiving from us after purchasing one of our packages, please contact us with your concerns so that we can address this issue immediately. We value you as a client and strive for your satisfaction.